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The objective of the Automotive Engineering Master course, sponsored by the Department of Industrial Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering of the University Federico II, is to create engineers:

  • who are highly qualified from the perspective of today’s automotive industry and firms operating in the automotive parts production sector and who, moreover, have a specific interest in innovation, product competitiveness and firms internationalization;
  • who are capable of managing integrated vehicle systems since today’s automobile product and the techniques related to its design, manufacturing and assembly-line processes are so complex and sophisticated that they need high level know-how, in addition to top-ranking specialized technical skills.
  • Graduates in the various areas of industrial engineering who completed their regular 5 year course or 3+2 years course, attaining the degree certificate before the deadline for admission to the Master course.


  • The admission to the Master is based on qualifications and examination ( technical and motivational interview ) . For the purposes of the order of merit formulated, the Selection Committee has available to each candidate a total of 30 points : including 10 for technical and motivational interview and 20 for the assessment of qualifications.
  • The maximum number of students admitted to the course is 30.
  • Applicants are required to submit the necessary documentation within the terms and with the modalities as specified in the notice of competitive examination which can be found on the university web site www.unina.it.
  • Applications must be remitted to the following address: Segreteria Studenti della Facoltà di Ingegneria - Piazzale Tecchio, 80 - Naples. The forms to be filled in can be obtained from the office at the above address or downloaded from the above-mentioned university web site.
  • The names of the candidates admitted will be posted on the Board of the Department of Industrial Engineering (DII) at 21, Via Claudio - Naples and on the official Board of the Students’ Administrative Office, Faculty of Engineering at 80, Piazzale Tecchio Naples. For all purposes provided for by law, such posting on the above-mentioned Boards shall be deemed to constitute, to all effects, an official notification to the persons involved.