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Description Master

Given the importance of academic study courses capable of providing a solid technical-scientific grounding in the disciplines necessary to meet the needs of the industry in terms of product/process innovation and design, demand for this type of academic education has been on the increase. This is the motivation behind the establishment of the Post-Graduate Master in Automotive Engineering.

This is the rationale underlying of the University of Naples Federico II, at the instigation of the Department of Industrial Engineering, under the auspices of the government university and scientific research department-Campania Regional. With the introduction of the Uninauto Master’s degree, now at its third edition, the Engineering Faculty can boast a vaster choice of courses. Mention must be made of the encouraging results of the first and second edition and the positive feedback from top ranking domestic and international industrial communities that in many ways ( with financings, lectures, periods of practical experience offered to the students, etc) provided ample support to the initiative.

The end result of this synergy between University and supporting companies is an educational program which satisfies the needs of today’s automotive sector both in terms of its overall format and in terms of its specific syllabus. In short, this means making a valuable contribution to the growth of this industrial segment within an advanced and mature technological sector which has to face the challenges of the global market. As this goal can only be achieved by emphasizing human capital, it is strictly correlated to the availability of highly qualified human resources. The Master’s degree is aimed at young, motivated engineering graduates who wish to consolidate, refine and build upon the capabilities acquired during their undergraduate studies.

The program of the Master's seventh Edition, that will take place during 2011, is already in a phase of advanced development. They are under consideration some interesting innovations, like internationalization projects or the utilization of video conference and interactive lessons methods, which experimentation will begin in present edition. As it happened in the first three editions, the Master has a Coordination Committee that cares about program and its realization. The Committee is presided by Maurizio Parodi, President of LMS Italy, and takes advantage of the contribution of experience and knowledge of Giovanni Cipolla, Giuseppe Codovini, Nevio Di Giusto, Mauro Ferrari, Giampiero Gamarra, Adriano Giannola, Fabrizio Giugiaro, Stefano Odorizi, Roberto Gonella, Luigi Ippolito, Giorgio Marsiaj, Paolo Massai, Lorenzo Morello, Pierantonio Roletto, Ettore Russo, Paolo Scudieri, together with the work of university promoters Francesco Caputo, Michele Russo and Adolfo Senatore.